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The Denis Cimaf DAF Forestry Mulchers — FRONT-MOUNTED brushcutter-mulchers, industrial hydraulic attachments -- are ideal for intensive brushcutting applications including land clearing, development and maintenance of transmission line and pipeline right-of-ways and roadside maintenance.  DAF Brushcutters use DENIS CIMAF’s patented horizontal-shaft rotor technology with fixed knives and bolt-on cutting blades, a design that offers numerous advantages.

There are (2) versions of the DAF Forestry Mulchers model:  the single drive unit and the double-drive industrial version. 

J&G Sales, Inc. is a distributor for HPSI Vibratory Hammers, Augers & Accessories as well as Berminghammer Diesel Pile Hammers, Leads  & Accessories, Rayco Products & Denis Cimaf Products.

Front-Mounted Mulchers


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