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Anti-Boom Shake Device

by Antaeus

Offered at $45,000 NEW

(Ask if we have any used ones available)

"NO SHOCK" by Antaeus.  This device should be on every pile driving crane in the world.

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Anti-Boom Shake Device

A GAME CHANGER for the pile driving industry to take all the vibration away from the boom of the crane.
* Dampens about 95% of vibration

Don’t believe it? TRY ONE You won’t want to do another job without one!

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  • Takes all vibration away from boom of crane
  • No cables ago fail
  • Built in indicator pin - shows the load
  • Safety Pin back up for 100% safety at all times
  • Rubber Springs are in Shear for maximum dampening range
  • 175 Ton Shackles for big marine construction work