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Vulcan Air Hammers


WeightRated Energy
19,70015,000 ft/lbs
30611,20019,500 ft/lbs
50511,80025,000 ft/lbs
50613,02532,500 ft/lbs
0816,75026,000 ft/lbs
01018,75032,500 ft/lbs
01220,750 39,000 ft/lbs
50819,48040,000 ft/lbs

50,000 ft/lbs

51223,48060,000 ft/lbs

Vulcan Foundation Equipment manufactures the reliable Vulcan air/steam hammers, which have been the contractor's reliable tool for driven pile installation since 1887.  Founder, Norris Tremmier, was a key member of the team which produced the Vulcan 6300, the largest hammer manufactured in the United States. Type your paragraph here.

Vulcan hammers have been providing reliable service to contractors for a period spanning three centuries and we are proud to continue to support this great product line.

Vulcan Onshore Air/Steam Specifications Other Hammers


WeightRated Energy
01427,50042,000 ft/lbs
01630,25048,750 ft/lbs
32043,50060,000 ft/lbs
33053,50090,000 ft/lbs
52045,160100,000 ft/lbs
53055,160150,000 ft/lbs
53561,000175,000 ft/lbs

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