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J&G Sales, Inc.

This design not only eliminates the need for a crane but also provides an ideal solution for a growing need to drive lighter synthetic sheeting

200 in/lbs

  no job too big or too small!  

800 in/lbs

100 in/lbs

​​Excavator Mounted Units have significantly increased in popularity. Light weight design, adjustable clamp pressures and a universal swivel point provide diversity for many different jobs.

J&G Sales, Inc. is a distributor for HPSI Vibratory Hammers, Augers & Accessories as well as Berminghammer Diesel Pile Hammers, Leads  & Accessories, Rayco Products & Denis Cimaf Products.

100 in/lbs

These units can either be fitted to run off an external hydraulic power unit or rigged to utilize the hydraulic system of the actual excavator. 

Excavator Mounted Vibratory Hammers

1000 in/lbs